The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA (DGSOM) is one of the top ranked medical schools in the United States. Since opening in 1951, DGSOM has grown into an internationally recognized leader in research, medical education, patient care, and public service. Our medical school has more than 4,600 faculty members across 24 departments, 1,300 trainees across 99 programs, over 800 medical students, 400 doctoral students, and 400 postdoctoral fellows; many of these faculty have been recognized with national and international awards and honors. There are now nearly 300 endowed chairs. The school focuses on six overarching goals: ensuring that academic medicine continues to thrive at UCLA, fostering interdisciplinary efforts, increasing the financial transparency of the school, transforming the culture of the school to ensure all individuals are welcome and valued, enhancing mentorship and leadership training programs, and elevating the school’s internal and external communications. UCLA’s medical school ranks No. 10 in primary care, No. 13 in Most Diverse Medical Schools, and continues to be highly ranked in U.S. News & World Report's 2023-24 Best Medical Schools.

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Last updated
January 17, 2024