UCLA Health Digital Technology, or DGIT, is an information and digital technology organization serving the UCLA Health Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, and Nursing. Staff work hand-in-hand with the hospital's information technology team, Information Services & Solutions (ISS), to ensure delivery of high-quality services throughout UCLA Health Sciences. DGIT’s mission is to enhance and catalyze the research and academic missions of the UCLA Health Sciences schools through the delivery of innovative, sustainable and secure IT solutions. DGIT provides a dynamic portfolio of services and capabilities that support education, research, analytics, web development, and administrative functions for faculty, students, and staff. The technology solutions provided fulfill DGIT’s standards for security, reliability, scalability, accessibility, and innovation, and are intended to accelerate the university’s academic and research endeavors. The services DGIT provides span a number of categories including enterprise data, research computing, software development, information security, and educational technology, among others. 

DGIT’s efforts are composed of three pillars: client experience as provided by desktop support technicians; platform services that deliver modern and secure information technology that enables effective access, performance, and collaboration; and academic technology services, that support the academic missions of the schools by expanding the data science platform and enabling the implementation of the new curriculum for DGSOM. 

DGIT also has Research Informatics team which serves as the bridge between the research community and DGIT to ensure they are able to continue building a more robust technological infrastructure for a vibrant, ever changing research environment. Their interactions with research faculty, academic units and appropriate committees will help inform DGIT teams to enhance their service offerings and ensure they meet the data access, compute, storage and other research tool needs within the UCLA Health Sciences schools.

For more information, please visit the DGIT webpage.

Last updated
November 21, 2023