The UCLA School of Dentistry was established in 1964 in response to the need for a public school of dentistry in the greater Los Angeles area. Although the UCLA School of Dentistry is fairly young, its achievements and accolades rival, and even surpass, those of other research-intensive dental schools that have been around for more than a century. Since its inception, the School has focused on achieving and maintaining excellence in four main areas: comprehensive dental education, cutting-edge research, quality patient care, and a shared commitment to community service. Over the past five decades, these four main areas of focus, along with dedicated and talented students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, have propelled the School of Dentistry to being one of the premier dental schools on the national and international stage. Sponsored research at the School has almost tripled since 1995. In large part, this increase reflects UCLA's internationally renowned faculty and a strong focus on faculty-student research. The School’s academic programs provide a range of opportunities to integrate clinical training with basic or applied research, and multidisciplinary research is highly valued. UCLA provides a research home for dental, undergraduate, and graduate students, with a unique opportunity to participate in significant oral health research. The School of Dentistry is an important CTSI partner, collaborates on research projects, and is on CTSI’s leadership to ensure accurate representation of Dentistry School collaborations and opportunities within the CTSI.

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Last updated
January 5, 2024