UCLA Ventures was founded in the late 1990s by by a group of Bruin entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, who partnered with the University to establish the UCLA Venture Capital Fund. Since then, UCLA Ventures has become a testament to the strength of UCLA's alumni network, and has evolved into a dynamic community of UCLA alumni, faculty, students, and friends who support each other, the university, and its entrepreneurial ecosystem. UCLA Ventures pioneered the unique "cashless" pledge for the startup community, wherein members pledge now, even though the shares are not transferred to UCLA Ventures until liquidity occurs. Upon pledging, members join a vibrant community of Bruin entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. When liquidity occurs, the cash or shares are transferred to UCLA Ventures. Through this system, UCLA Ventures has built a vibrant portfolio of venture-backed equity. With the returns from its pledged portfolio, it fosters UCLA’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through programming, volunteerism, and financial distributions to key initiatives on campus, such as Startup UCLA.

For more information, please visit the UCLA Ventures website.

Last updated
January 5, 2024