xDR is a large-scale clinical data warehouse that supports data analyses and extractions for research as well as analytics to support clinical quality management functions of UCLA Health. The xDR system is maintained by UCLA Health’s Office of Health Informatics and Analytics (OHIA) and is co-managed by the Biomedical Informatics Program (BIP). The xDR contains data derived from multiple clinical systems including the CareConnect Clarity data warehouse; other systems in Radiology, Pathology and other clinical departments; and “legacy” data from older outpatient and hospital billing and managed care systems. xDR is housed within UCLA’s HIPAA-covered entity and is governed by all the privacy and security policies that apply to PHI at UCLA. In 2019, both CareConnect and xDR were migrated to a physically secure data center in Irvine, CA. xDR can now be directly accessed only via a Citrix client and, for research purposes, only by BIP staff who are designated to act as honest brokers for research. 

The data stores are contained in both on premise infrastructure and a cloud-based Azure environment.  Azure is considered an extension of the on premise xDR and technicians have the ability to move data between on premise and cloud storage as needed. The solutions and services offered within xDR, including Databricks, Azure Data Factory, and Tableau Server allow users to manipulate and stage data for use with the available tools.

For more information, please visit the xDR webpage.

Last updated
January 5, 2024