The mission of the Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory (ALMS) is to provide consultation, services, and support for the application of novel microscopic and spectroscopic methods and advanced image analysis techniques for the study of macromolecules, cellular dynamics, and nano-scale characterization of bio-materials. The facilities provide a collection of high-level, customized fluorescence microscopes and small-animal imaging devices that provide the ability to study biological processes with high spatial and temporal resolution in whole organisms and in living cells down to the single molecule detection level with nanometer accuracy. Services include: (1) wide-field fluorescence imaging microscopy, (2) confocal and two-photon laser scanning microscopy (point scanning and spinning disk), (3) fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), (4) fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), (5) microscopic and macroscopic fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) with time-correlated-single-photon-counting and near-infrared detection, (6) super-resolution microscopy (STED and STORM), (7) microscopic and macroscopic (small animal) spectral unmixing, (8) laser capture microdissection, (9) light-sheet microscopy and (10) image analysis.

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Last updated
September 27, 2023