Altmetric is an online social metric tool for monitoring and aggregating the influence of research manuscripts/publications. The platform is accessible via the internet and is often utilized by institutions and prestigious journals to report as a supplement to traditional bibliometrics (viewership, readership, citation, etc.). A permanent ID/link as compared to a traditional website/webpage allows the platform to track and compile all social metrics to form a score. The parent company of Altmetric, Digital Science, has a proprietary algorithm used to generate these scores as compared to commonly used raw counts/frequencies. The scores, along with associated social metric sources, are compiled into a dashboard system for both researchers and staff to view. The CTSI Evaluation Unit collects the available publications with Altmetric scores for institutional reporting and informing future development plans such as education and career development.

For more information, please visit the Altmetric site.

Last updated
November 15, 2023