The Cedars-Sinai Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC), located in the Winnick Family Clinical Research Center in the Steven Spielberg Building on Cedars-Sinai's main campus, provides cutting-edge outpatient facilities. Adjacent to wheelchair-accessible parking and directly opposite the hospital's emergency room, the CTRC physical space comprises five examination rooms, a sample processing lab (SPL), DXA imaging procedure room, administrative offices, and a reception area, with additional offices for a bionutritionist and clinical research coordinators nearby.

The SPL at the CTRC is well-equipped with a centrifuge, -20° and -80° freezers, a refrigerator, an ice machine, and portable containers for liquid nitrogen and dry ice storage. This equipment is essential for the short-term storage of biological fluids, tissues, and cells before their transfer to investigators' laboratories or other specialized facilities. Other resources in the CTRC, including a GE iDXA imaging machine, an Indirect Calorimeter, a VMAX respiratory analysis system, a 12-lead EKG, and various basic clinical tools, facilitate a wide range of research procedures, particularly in assessing body composition, bone density, resting energy expenditure, lung function, and metabolic analyses.

The CTRC's operations are overseen by a program director and associate program director. Daily activities are managed by a nurse manager. The staff includes five research nurses, a bionutritionist, a biostatistician, a research subject advocate, clinical research coordinators, and support staff.

Designed to accommodate clinical research in diverse settings, the Cedars-Sinai CTRC offers unique mobile services, extending its support to field activities. These services include providing nursing support in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC) clinics, surgical and inpatient units, and assisting with data and specimen collection from patients and their families. The CTRC also employs a research subject advocate to oversee research integrity and data safety, working closely with the clinical investigators. Additionally, a research biostatistician is available to assist with study design, database creation, and data analysis. The CTRC also provides a clinical research coordinator program, delivering comprehensive support to CSMC investigators in regulatory compliance, study initiation, participant recruitment, and study completion activities.

For more information, please visit the Cedars CTRC webpage.

Last updated
January 11, 2024