In conjunction with the Institute of Precision Health (IPH) and Biomedical Informatics Program (BIP), the Office of Health Informatics and Analytics (OHIA) created a de-identified subset of xDR that contains data-shifted records for UCLA patients, including commonly requested data elements (demographics, problem lists, labs, encounters, procedures, medications, etc.). The Data Discovery Repository & Dashboard (DDR&D) is an Analytic-Ready de-identified data repository, a cohort discovery dashboard, and a set of tools and technologies to enable back and front-end access to underlying data. DDR&D is accessible by all UCLA researchers within a virtual machine (VM) able to support large-scale analyses (e.g., including more intensive computational algorithms, such as seen in machine learning). Additional analytic tools (e.g., Tableau) are connected directly to DDR&D, providing a framework for rapid analysis of the UCLA Health patient population. DDR&D is being used at UCLA to support quality improvement initiatives, for research, and to perform genome-wide association studies. 

For more information, please visit the DDR&D webpage.

Last updated
November 15, 2023