Epic is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software for mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals, and integrated healthcare organizations. Integrated software spans clinical, access, and revenue functions and extends into the home. Epic fully endorses and formally adopts the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Association's Developer Code of Conduct that encourages cooperative and transparent business practices among industry stakeholders. The majority of U.S. New and World Reports top-ranked hospitals and medical schools use Epic, including UCLA. More than 305 million patients have a current electronic record in Epic. The CTSI supports cohort size estimation and site-level recruitment planning based on electronic health record (EHR) data.

Epic’s Care Everywhere module supports the Biomedical Informatics Program’s efforts to link patient data from multiple institutions. After internally evaluating the accuracy of this module during the past cycle, the CTSI has contracted with the DataVant corporation to use Care Everywhere as a gold standard in evaluating DataVant’s private record linkage service.

Epic helps healthcare organizations provide inclusive and equitable care by offering tools to identify and address health disparities. Health systems using Epic include large organizations, small Federally Qualified Health Centers, academic, and community organizations. Through collaboration, organizations work together to find the best ways to improve quality of life and support long-term health of those who are medically underserved.

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Last updated
November 15, 2023