The Guenther Molecular Biology Core supports investigators performing morphological, biochemical, cell and molecular biological studies both at cellular and subcellular levels. Consultation and training services are provided for localization of genes, RNA transcripts and proteins in complex tissues as well subcellular distribution in tissues. The laboratory houses five types of state-of the art equipment: an Agilent Bioanalyzer, two Applied Biosystem StepOne Plus Sequence Detection Systems, one Applied Biosystems 7900HT 384 well real-time quantitative PCR system, two TaqMan PCR platforms (96 well format), one Leica Confocal SP8 platform, two flow cytometers (one BD LSR II and one FACSymphony A5). The Guenther Core also has a facility for immunohistochemistry studies.

For more information, please view Molecular Biology Core (PDF).

Last updated
February 8, 2024