CTSI Biomedical Informatics Module Starts 5/14 -- Register Now!

This module familiarizes participants with the basic principles of biomedical informatics demonstrated by ongoing projects and services across the CTSI sites. Participants are exposed to CTSI-specific tools and other popular applications that facilitate the management and analysis of clinical and experimental data.

Mission Statement: Provide basic and clinical translational scientists with a working understanding of biomedical informatics principles and their applications in biomedical data collection, standardization, representation, and analysis.

Course Goals: Students who take these module sessions will be able to demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Discussing the discipline of informatics in health care delivery, public health, and information exchange;
  • Differentiating between health information technology and biomedical informatics;
  • Identifying the use of information systems and technology to support and improve patient care and facilitate evidence-based medicine;
  • Describing the computational problems in biomedical research with a focus on data collection and analysis related problems; and
  • Utilizing basic tools that permit them to collect, standardize, and analyze clinical data.

Registration required! Sessions are open to the public with priority seating given to CTSI Track participants.

Trainees in the Track 2 Certificate program and medical students in the Pathway in Clinical & Translational Research at UCLA may receive credit if they attend. Track 1 Auditors and Track 3 Masters are welcome to attend.

More Information:

Registration is closed -  Email questions to training@ctsi.ucla.edu.

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