CTSI Website new look

The CTSI website has been entirely redesigned to better serve the research community.

  • Site navigation has been simplified to make it easier for investigators to find and access the resources they need.
  • Sample grants, boilerplate text, and grant-writing tips have been added to help investigators prepare successful proposals. 
  • The site now features a complete list of CTSI consulting services, research tools, and a step-by-step guide to translational research, from study design to close out. 
  • The site continues to provide a comprehensive directory of CTSI funding and career development opportunities.

Highlights of new features include:

More information:

We welcome your feedback about the enhanced CTSI website. Please send your comments to editors@ctsi.ucla.edu

Image caption: New website features include: a complete list of consulting services, research tools and a step-by-step study design guide.

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