Learn “how to” improve community partnered research

For investigators interested in partnering with the community, the CTSI Community Engagement and Research Program offers a growing series of "how to" documents designed to help identify and assist with possible hurdles to community partnered research. Topics include the following:

How to Translate Research Documents for Non-English Speaking Participants
Presents basic information on how to translate research documents into languages other than English. It also highlights different translation approaches, translation methods, and important considerations.

How to Design a Partnered Consent Form
Provides a guide to develop a community partnered research consent form which reflects the views of community members, while still meeting requirements for IRB approval.

How to Include Community Partners in Data Collection
Describes the process used by the Healthy Community Neighborhood Initiative research project to incorporate staff from community partners in data collection to increase trust and success of the project.

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Additional resources for community engaged research can be found on the Community Engagement page.
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