RAP Research Associates Program

The CTSI Research Associates Program (RAP) seeks to work with clinical research teams by providing undergraduate UCLA students with the opportunity to gain exposure to medicine and clinical research in an academic medical center. RAP students are able to assist teams with subject visits, data collection/management/analysis, and research administration. CTSI RAP is in the process of selecting our studies for the 2016-2017 academic year. There are typically 25-30 students in the program who work with clinical research teams in a variety of therapeutic areas. The program had 100% retention of students in last year's cohort and will be recruiting another 12-15 students. Students have UCLA Health System volunteer status and have completed CITI and HIPAA training. A student Study Liaison is assigned to each project and is the main contact person.

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Further information about the program and its mission may be found at this CTSI link under CTSI Research Associates.

Recent news on CTSI RAP program accomplishments

If you are interested in having students in this program working with you, please contact Dr. Laurie Shaker-Irwin, Clinical Research Advisor to the CTSI-RAP students, at lshakerirwin@mednet.ucla.edu or 310-794-7504. 

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