As part of the ongoing strategic relationship between UC and OptumLabs, OptumLabs will provide seven UC research project teams with OptumLabs-funded access (aka: "research credits") to its data warehouse. OptumLabs is an open, collaborative center for research and innovation focused on improving patient care and value. The database includes de-identified plan enrollment information, medical and pharmacy claims, and lab results integrated across care settings and longitudinally linked at the patient level. Where available, the claims data are also linked to clinical data derived from EHRs.

OptumLabs will call for proposals beginning January 8, 2018. Principal Investigators or Co-PIs at all 10 UC campuses are eligible on proposals.

More information:

For the latest OptumLabs opportunities and information, sign up for the OptumLabs listserv at https://goo.gl/NgvXiw

If you wish to purchase a data license to access to the OptumLabs Data Warehouse, visit Sandbox Fee Schedule on the UC-OptumLabs micro-site.

For more information, visit UC-OptumLabs microsite/knowledge repository.

For questions about OptumLabs data, contact Sarah Thayer, PhD (OptumLabs Director of Research) at sarah.thayer@optum.com.

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