CTSI Operations and Communications Unit

The CTSI Operations and Communications Unit disseminates information about events, opportunities, and research to internal and external audiences, including investigators, community partners, patient advocates, the CTSA consortium, NCATS and institutional leadership.

Jessica Castillo

Jessica Castillo

Clinical & Translational Science Institute Digital Communications Manager
Lucy Vaca

Lucy Vaca

Clinical & Translational Science Institute Operations and Events Coordinator
Sophy Argueta

Sophia Argueta

Clinical & Translational Science Institute Operations and Finance Coordinator

Grants Submission Unit (GSU) 

The Grants Submission Unit (GSU) supports team science by assisting teams of investigators in preparing large, multisite proposals. GSU tools and services may include provision of grant writing outlines and detailed checklists of required components, project management and multi-site coordination, review and editing of grant narrative for consistency, clarity and responsiveness to the FOA. 

Faria, Robin

Robin Faria

Grants Submission Unit Director, Network Capacity Program Trial Innovation Network Manager
Daniel, Jordan

Jordan Daniel

Grants Submission Unit Project Manager, Diversity in Research Program Outreach Manager, Network Capacity Program Trial Innovation Network Liaison

Grants Submission Unit (GSU) - Training Grants

GSU also provides training grant support services to researchers.

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Daniel Ayubi

Grants Submission Unit, Operations Coordinator, Training Grants

CTSI Evaluation Unit

The CTSI Evaluation Unit provides the evidence base for accelerating innovation and continuously improving operational effectiveness and efficiency of the CTSI. It collects and analyzes relevant data and provides transparent, timely evaluation to increase accountability.

CTSI Finance Team

The CTSI Finance team coordinates all aspects of pre- and post- award management of the CTSA, including administration of pilot and core voucher awards. The team works closely with the UCLA Office of Research Administration including the Office of Contracts and Grants Administration (OCGA), Extramural Fund Management (EFM), and Research Policy & Compliance (RPC). Our team acts as the point of contact with NIH for all fiscal matters pertaining to the CTSI grant awards.

Hintz, Rachel

Rachel Hintz

Clinical & Translational Science Institute Director of Finance
Ednave, Jovi

Jovi Ednave

Clinical & Translational Science Institute Finance Manager
Jose Gutierrez

Jose Gonzalez

Clinical & Translational Science Institute Senior Fund Manager

Research Facilitators

Our hub partners have research facilitators to assist with CTSI support at their institutions.

Gutierrez, Raquel

Raquel Gutierrez

Site Administrator, Network Capacity Program Liaison Quality & Efficiency Council, Lundquist/Harbor-UCLA

Human Resources