Assistant Professor
Department of Nursing

Project title: Harnessing the EHR for the Delivery of Supportive Care in an Oncology Setting

Patricia Ganz, MD – UCLA
Eric Cheng, MD – UCLA
Roshan Bastani, PhD—UCLA

Multidisciplinary Expertise:
Oncology, health services

Project Description:
This project aims to develop and pilot test a supportive care tool within the existing electronic health record (EHR) system, using a structured process based on implementation science principles and methods and training in clinical informatics. The tool will establish linkages between well-validated, easily accessible patient-reported outcome measures for cancer-related symptoms and algorithmic pathways of evidence-based clinical support and defined resources to guide the tailored provision of supportive care. The project will begin with design and development of the tool, followed by pilot testing in the head and neck cancer program in UCLA Health, and culminate with a post-intervention evaluation using a mixed-methods approach. By capitalizing on inherent EHR capabilities and bringing together existing, yet underutilized resources in a user-centered way, this project aims to address gaps in symptom management and supportive care in a multidisciplinary oncology practice.