Project Title/Research Interests: Clinical Decision-Making Around Opioid Prescribing

Ms. Keller obtained her B.A. degree in Human Biology from Stanford University in 2005 and was  working on her M.P.H. degree in the Department of Health Policy and Management, so her admission to the doctoral program would be through a transfer.  Ms. Keller has a strong background in communications, having worked as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, a lobbyist for the American Heart Association and as a communications associate for the Kaiser Family Foundation.  At UCLA, she has been working with faculty members on the CalSIM model to conduct policy research related to the Affordable Care Act.  For her doctorate, Ms. Keller is particularly interested in researching policy solutions at a local level that can have a large impact in the aggregate, such as corporate wellness programs and other policy solutions at the insurance company or employer level that have the potential to incentivize healthy behaviors and improve health outcomes.