The Proteomics, Metabolomics and Mitochondrial Function Core at Cedars-Sinai is defined by technically diverse instrumentation with the most advanced technologies available to the fields of proteomics, metabolomics, and quantitative targeted protein assays. These technologies are dedicated to the identification and quantitative analysis of analytes from all types of biological samples including whole blood, plasma, CSF, cells or tissues and include samples originating from cell culture, animal models or patient-derived research studies. Services include a wide variety of discovery proteomics assays, identification of co- and post-translational modifications (phosphorylation, acetylation, methylation citrullination and more), as well as the fields leading methodologies for protein dynamics and protein-protein interactions.

A selection of targeted mass spectrometry-based assays is available for quantification of protein panels associated with important cellular pathways and functions. In addition to the many mass spectrometry-based assays available, the core is equipped with two of the field’s leading immunoassay platforms, (1) ultra-sensitive digital ELISA, SIMOA HD-1 Analyzer (2) high-performance electrochemiluminescence ELISA platform, MESO QuickPlex SQ 12, and a brand new O-Link Immunoassay platform. 

New this year, single-cell functional proteomics are also available via the Isoplexis DuoSpark system.

All Proteomics and Metabolomic Core services include data analysis and a data release consultation. Advanced bioinformatic services for biological pathway analyzes and multi-omic data integration are also available through the core bioinformatic services.

To complement molecular phenotyping of mitochondria by metabolomics and proteomics, we recently incorporated instrumentation for seahorse respirometry and support a suite of seahorse XFp instruments. These respirometry platforms enable quantification of cellular metabolism by glycolytic and oxidative pathways and in response to numerous nutrient sources and perturbations. Our Mitochondria and Metabolomics experts wield expertise to advise on complex interrogations of mitochondrial biology and we offer consultation and support on techniques for in-depth mitochondrial characterization beyond respirometry, to include mitochondrial morphometry, turnover rates, membrane potential, mPTP susceptibility, cytochrome c release, free radical production, mtDNA sequencing and 8- oxo-dG analysis

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Last updated
February 27, 2023