The Cedars-Sinai Research Imaging Core (RIC) is an advanced imaging center dedicated to providing high-quality imaging services tailored to the unique needs of the research community from rodents and large animals to human subjects. We offer a Clinical 3T MRI (Vida, Siemens) and simultaneous Clinical PET/MR (Biograph, Siemens) for human and large animal subjects, as well as  in-Vivo Small Animal/Specimen CT (PerkElmer Quantum GX2), Cryofluoresence Tomography (EMIT) Optical (IVIS Spectrum and Luminar XR), Small Animal image guided irradiator (X-RAD SmART), micro-ultrasound imaging system (Vevo 3100) and Small Animal 4Dx Lung imaging services for research.

Our facility is staffed with highly trained and experienced personnel, including expert research scientists, technologists, registered nurses, and additional support staff to ensure the most positive experience. We also offer core IRB/IACUC protocol support and seed grants to help get your research started quickly, and a dedicated research PACS and post-processing software to support data transfer, image analysis and data processing. In addition to research imaging, the Siemens systems are licensed for clinical use to allow standard-of-care, diagnostic imaging performed in conjunction with research imaging. We welcome and look forward to working with all CTSI investigators.

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Last updated
September 27, 2023