ResearchGO is a virtual clinical research resource that provides a single portal to a wealth of resources, expertise, and best practices for investigators and research staff to facilitate efficient, compliant and ethical study conduct and management. This collaborative effort across a number of organizations and administrative units was built to leverage existing resources and create new content where readily accessible resources currently don't exist.  The website can help investigators design, set up, conduct, and close out a study. The Goals of ResearchGo are to: (1) promote excellence in the quality of clinical research management through information and education; (2) facilitate effective and timely clinical research initiation by improving institutional processes and providing clinical research protocol, regulatory, budget, and financial assistance and tools; (3) increase awareness of clinical trials in the community and with our partners through education and community participant recruitment outreach activities; and (4) interface with institutional/industry partners to support enhanced clinical research best-practice and efficiency.

For more information, please visit the ResearchGO site.

Last updated
January 3, 2024