Review the below FAQs on the KL2 program.

The trans-NIH policy stipulates that K12 candidates may not apply or have pending an application for a similar mentored K awards simultaneously.

Yes, as long as the applicant has a full-time junior faculty appointment at one of the partner institution by July 1st of the application year.

The KL2 application runs on an annual cycle (timeline is subject to change).

  • REQUIRED Pre-Application Deadline - Mid October
  • Invitations for Full Applications and Pre-Application Feedback - Mid November
  • Full Application Deadline (selected applicants) - Late February
  • Invitations for Interviews (selected applicants) - Early May
  • Selected Candidate Interviews - Mid-late May
  • Award Notifications - End of May to early June
  • Grant Start Date - July 1


It's not a requirement. However, the applicant should realize that it tends to be difficult for individuals to get strong mentorship when the mentor is at another institution. It would probably be better if the applicant had a mentor at their home institution as well.

No. The KL2 award is opened to applications from basic science, clinical research and health services research, which include a translational research plan.

No. Applicants cannot be or have been a PI on an equivalent non-PHS peer reviewed research grant that is over $100,000 in direct costs per year.

No. Applicants must be a citizen or non-citizen national of the United States, or be lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence.

For reference, please read the NIH Citizenship Policy.

A junior faculty appointment is required. If your junior faculty application is "in process," please make sure this is stated in the letter of support from your department chair or division chief.

Per the KL2 instructions, please submit the budget and justification in NIH format. You can find the forms on NIH website. Form Page 4 is generally used to prepare the budget proposal for each year of the KL2 and the justifications can go on the "Continuation Format Page."

We are requesting Other Support Pages from application on their current, past and pending grants. The OS Pages should follow the NIH guidelines: Other Support includes all financial resources, whether Federal, non-Federal, commercial or institutional, available in direct support of an individual's research endeavors, including but not limited to research grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, and/or institutional awards.

NIH Other Support Pages form

The review committee will be looking at: (1) candidate, (2) research plan, (3) educational plan, and (4) mentor/institutional support. Each criterion will account for 1/4 of your total score.

For information on how to enroll in UCLA courses through UCLA Extension:

How to Enroll 

Applicants may apply from another institution as long as they will be appointed at UCLA by their start date. The institutional letter should note that the applicant will be appointed at UCLA by July 1st of the application year.

You are expected to choose your own primary mentor.

Although I cannot tell you specifically whether your research would be consistent with our program... the proposed projects we have received range from basic science, clinical research and health services research. Questions regarding your research plan should be directed to your primary mentor.


The budget and proposal should reflect the plan for the entire 3 years.

Please check with your department or division's fund managers.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide you guidance on the content, structure, and strategy. These questions should be directed to your primary mentor.

We can't share the applications with you.

The salary support of up to $75,000 is only for the awarded Scholar. Your research coordinator salary would need to go under the research budget.