Leveraging Amazing Undergraduates in Clinical Research at UCLA Health

Pioneering spirit. Bold innovation. UCLA CTSI is seeking undergraduates on a pre-health career track who are wanting to increase their opportunities in clinical research.

Our Services

  • In-person, instructor-led training delivered Day 1 of employment develops proficiency and confidence in clinical research. Interactive exercises allow LAUNCH fellows to develop expertise on their assigned protocols.
  • Weekly mentoring supports LAUNCH fellows in their current work as well as fostering connections with future career pursuits.
  • Ongoing training allows for expedited development and pursuit of quality improvement. LAUNCH fellows learn from each other and leverage expertise from program leadership to promote continuous improvement.

Why Choose Us?

For Future LAUNCH Fellows: The LAUNCH program provides access and insight into resources for a successful career in research-- now and in the future.

For Partner Departments: The LAUNCH program transforms entry-level employees into Best Practice advocates as a complement to departmental workflows.

Our Story

Nationwide, there is a shortage of Clinical Research professionals, especially among individuals that understand the under-served communities and that are multi-lingual. Students often do not know about job opportunities in academic medical research.

UCLA is investing in highly-motivated, intelligent pre-health learners during their gap year(s) to enhance their career interests, gain experience and contribute to ensuring the success of clinical research.

Our Vision

LAUNCH trains fellows on best practices and the latest resources available to perform Clinical Research, according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines.

By recruiting new graduates, LAUNCH creates a development opportunity for fellows that might be missed by traditional hiring practices. These diverse experiences enrich the peer-to- peer learning experience as well as promote diversity within the Clinical Research workforce.

Our Mission

To increases diverse representation in the next generation of research and healthcare professionals that is reflected of the broader community.

Through our unique screening and selection process combined with training and mentorship, this program supports UCLA’s goals around justice, diversity, and inclusion in academic clinical research.

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Program Director
Sandy Binder