BERD Office hours

Biostatistical consultations are available at UCLA and appointments can be arranged at LA BioMed and Cedars-Sinai. See below for details or visit the CTSI Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design Program homepage.

UCLA drop-in hours:

Every Wednesday via Zoom          
Every Friday via Zoom                     
Office: 1100 Glendon Avenue, Suite 1820, Los Angeles, CA 90024            

Email or call to arrange your appointment.             
Website: DOMStat                 
Phone: 310-794-3111, Fax: 310-794-8149        

Additional locations:


Contact for appointments:
Phone: 310-248-8901, fax: 310-423-4020                   
Office: Pacific Theatres Building, 116 North Robertson Blvd. suite 900C, Los Angeles, CA 90048                   

LA BioMed at Harbor-UCLA

Contact for appointments:  
Phone : 310-222-1874, fax: 310-533-1874                   
Office: LA BioMed Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, 1124 West Carson Street, Walter P Martin Research Center(RB-1), Rm. 248 





About the CTSI                    
UCLA CTSI programs are designed to accelerate discovery, engage our communities, train translational researchers and support team science. CTSI supports pilot studies, trains young researchers, and engages schools and communities in health improvement. It belongs to a national, federally supported network of more than 50 CTSIs.