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2019 Awardees

Project Title: "The novel human long non-coding RNA, OLMALINC, regulates lipid metabolism through differential regulation of the Sterol Response Binding Proteins and SCD"

Project Title: "Free fatty acid receptors-mediated regulation of YAP activity in obesity-promoted pancreatic cancer"

Project Title: "Investigating the Role of Gut Microbiome Maturation in Oral Polio Vaccine Response."

Project Title: "Sex differences in brain-microbiome-immune interactions in obesity"

Project Title: "Identification of a mitochondrial antioxidant system that fails in alcoholic liver disease (ALD)"

Project Title: "Pancreatic tumor promoting role of β-cell Warburg effect in type-2-diabetes"

2018 Awardees

Project Title: "Sex Differences in Microbiome-Related Alterations in Brain Signatures in Obesity"

Project Title: "Pancreatic tumor promoting role of β-­cell Warburg effect in type-­2-­diabetes"

Project Title: "The role of colonic inflammation and gliosis in a mouse model of Parkinson’s Disease (PD)"

2017 Awardees

Project Title: "The role of CRHR2 signaling in enteric glial cell function during colitis"

Project Title: "Dissecting Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms for Communication Across the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis"

Project Title: "Characterization and therapeutic targeting of ING3 chromatin pathway in pancreatic cancer"

Project Title: "The Role of the Long-Noncoding RNA, CKDN2B-AS1, in Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

2016 Awardees

Project Title: "Identification and Characterization of Super-Enhancer Driven transcripts in Esophageal cancer through functional genomic approaches"

Project Title: "The Role of the Long-Noncoding RNA, CKDN2B-AS1, in Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

Project Title: "The effect of an inflammatory bowel disease associated enterotype and metabotype on colitis in humanized gnotobiotic mice"

Project Title: "Characterizing the role of Tricellulin in intestinal disease"

Project Title: "Combination treatments with sodium-glucose transporter 2 inhibitors in pancreatic cancers"

Project Title: "Colonic mucosal micro RNA and gene expression associated pathways and their correlation with dysbiosis in colonic mucosa in Irritable bowel Syndrome"

Project Title: "Integrative analysis of the colonic microbiota and gastrointestinal dysfunction in systemic sclerosis"

2015 Awardees

Project Title: "Intestinal Epithelial Cell Rab5 GTPase Regulation During Listeria Infection"

Project Title: "Molecular mechanisms and targeting of miR-9 in hepatocellular oncogenesis"

Project Title: "N/A"

Project Title: "Investigating the effect of lipid metabolism on Th17/Treg balance in gut immunity"

Project Title: "The role of adipokines as moderators and mediators of brain structure/activity signatures and their association with ingestive behaviors and weight loss after bariatric surgery"

Project Title: "Randomized controlled study of patients with severe refractory or recurrent peptic ulcer bleeding"

Project Title: "Negative Feedback loops by MEK/ERK and P13K/AKT/mTOR in pancreatic cancer"

Project Title: "Determining the functional role of Stard3nl in liver fibrosis"

2014 Awardees

Project Title: "Effects of corticotrophin releasing hormone receptor 2 (CRHR2) in modulating colon cancer immunoescape through Fas/FasL regulation"

Project Title: "Regulation of colitis by miR-221-5p and miR-222 3p-neurokinin receptor interactions"

Project Title: "Regulation of Intestinal Lipid Metabolism by IDOL "

Project Title: "Neuroregulation in Hepatic Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Orthotopic liver Transplantation: Immunomodulation via PKA-CREB-KL4 Pathway"

Project Title: "Identifying a Role for FXR-MAFG in Bile Acid and Glucose Homeostasis"

2013 Awardees

Project Title: "Targeting micro RNA 21 in human pancreatic cancer"

Project Title: "A novel chemoselection strategy for hematopoetic stem cell transplantation in IBD"

Project Title: "Understanding the link between diet, inflammation, and pancreatic cancer"

Project Title: "Peptidomic survey of regulated hormone secretion from human small intestinal mucosa derived from a subject with a germ-line mutation of PCSK1"

Project Title: "The role of miR-21 expression in ulcerative colitis-associated colorectal cancer initiation and progression"