Can I use AI to help write my grant

In June, NIH released Notice NOT-OD-23-149, titled “The Use of Generative Artificial Intelligent Technologies is Prohibited for the NIH Peer Review Process”. As the title would suggest, NIH reviewers are not allowed to use AI in helping to write their critiques. This is largely due to the strict rules of confidentiality governing the Peer Review Process.

But, what about writing your own grant? This is addressed in the Notice’s FAQs page and the June 23, 2023 Open Mike blog post from NIH’s Deputy Director of Extramural Affairs, Mike Lauer, titled “Using AI in Peer Review Is a Breach of Confidentiality”. While both of these documents are focused on reviewers, they acknowledge that AI is not banned in the grant writing process itself. However, NIH strongly cautions that authors use AI tools at their own risk. When using AI tools, PIs should be aware of the potential for plagiarism, fabricated citations, and falsified information that may work its way into the application through the use of AI. If this type of research misconduct occurs, NIH will take steps to address non-compliance according to the NIH Research Misconduct policy.