CTSI congratulates the winners of this year's UCLA Cardiovascular Symposium poster competition. CTSI partnered with the DGSOM Cardivascular Theme to co-sponsor the awards at the Sept. 25-26 event. 

Post-Graduate Winners (Post-docs and Basic Science Fellows):

  • Bethan Clifford, PhD for "Regulation of Circulating Cholesterol by Goliath Family E3 Ligases"
  • Chen Gao, PhD for "Function Beyond RNA Splicing for RBFox Family Members in Heart"
  • Karthickeyan Chella Krishnan, PhD for "Role of Sex- and Tissue- Specific Differences in Mouse Lipocalin-2 Expression in Regulating Insulin Resistance and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Progression"
  • Antonios Pantazis, PhD for "Resolving the Molecular Processes Governing the Activity of a K+ Channel (BK) that Regulates Vascular Tone"
  • Pradeep Rajendran, PhD for "Topographic organization of stellate ganglia"

Clinical Division Winners (Residents and Clinical Fellows):

  • Geoffrey Cho, MD for "Activation of Autophagic Flux Blunts Cardiac Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury"
  • Jeffrey Hsu, MD for "Evaluating the Effects of Intracardiac Hemodynamic Modulation on Cardiac Valve Development"

Student Winners:

  • Douglas Chapski for "Top Down Proteomics Identifies Differentially Abundant Proteoforms in Isolated Cardiomyocytes from Healthy and Hypertrophic Hearts"
  • Christine Cunningham for "Y Chromosome Protection in PH is Not Mediated by Histone Demethylase Kdm5d"
  • Shayan Moazeni for "PTP1B is a Critical Mediator for Vascular Smooth Cell Proliferation in the Development of Pulmonary Hypertension in vivo and in vitro"
  • Dawoud Sulaiman for "The protective role of Paraoxonase 2 in cardiomyocytes against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury"

More information:

Go to UCLA Cardiovascular Symposium to learn more about this event.

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