NSF requirements

NSF Cover Page Guidelines

The grant application cover page is a form generated by the online application system that asks questions about your application and allows you to upload PDF files of single-copy documents, such as a data management plan or mentoring plan. Many boxes are pre-filled as part of the system’s login process. There are seven components of the Cover Sheet:

  1. Requested Start Date and Proposal Duration: The NSF encourages proposers to request funding for durations of three to five years when such durations are necessary for completion of the proposed work and are technically and managerially advantageous. 
  2. Related Letter of Intent (LOI): If an LOI was submitted, enter the LOI ID number that was issued upon submission.
  3. Related Preliminary Proposal: If a preliminary proposal was submitted, and the organization was either invited or encouraged/discouraged to submit a full proposal, provide the Preliminary Proposal Number.
  4. Prime Organization
  5. Primary Place of Performance.
  6. Other Federal Agencies: If the proposal is being submitted for consideration by another Federal agency, the abbreviated name(s) of the Federal agency(ies) must be identified in the space provided.
  7. Other Information

Page Limit: None. Recommended 1 page.