Project Title/Research Interests: Identifying Opportunities to Improve the Health of At-Risk Youth Through the Education and Juvenile Justice Systems

I am entering into the PhD in Health Policy and Management after completing my MPH at Emory University and spending the past four years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At CDC, I worked on a variety of evaluation and policy analysis projects, including development of the National Prevention Strategy.

As a part of the Clinical Translational Science Institute TL1 fellowship, I am working with investigators at CTSI to assess the potential health impacts of implementing policies to reduce truancy. This assessment includes identifying pathways through which education can influence health, assessing the impact of diverse educational policies, and engaging the community to identify needs and concerns.

My research interests include evaluating the impacts of population health policies, identifying ways to effectively work across-sectors to use non-health policies (especially education policy) to promote health, and developing multi-levels models to understand the impact of the social determinants of health.