The Semel Institute Biostatistics Core (SIStat) is a team of expert biostatisticians, methodologists, programmers and research support staff. The mission of the core is to foster research productivity and quality by helping faculty and trainees design sound research projects; obtain independent funding; securely collect, store, and share data; and conduct rigorous analyses.

Services include: (1) Statistical consulting and analytic support; (2) development of web-based, customized systems for data entry/capture, remote surveys, study management and dissemination; (3) programming of specialized software and tools for analysis, patient assessment, questionnaire scoring, and administrative systems; (4) data management of new for existing projects, including  creation of analysis datasets, performing error checking and other quality assurance tasks, transforming files into  required formats for archiving or merging with datasets with different coding. (5) website construction and graphical design; and (6) submission of materials to the National Data Archives or other repositories. Support is offered for projects ranging from small pilot studies to large, long-running, multi-site centers.

For more information, please visit the Semel Institute Biostatistics Core site.

Last updated
January 24, 2024