Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we have developed two specific patient data resources to enable COVID-focused investigation: 

  1. At UCLA, we developed a data warehouse containing all patients who have a positive COVID-19 test and were either admitted to the hospital or who needed only outpatient care. For these patients, we extract structured electronic health record (EHR) data and conduct chart review in order to answer all questions on the WHO’s core case report form for COVID-19 (including presenting symptoms, vital signs and lab results, to outcomes including ICU admission, ventilation and discharge alive vs. death). We have provisioned data from this warehouse for 40 research projects so far.
  2. We have also participated in developing the UC-Wide COVID-19 Research Data Set (CORDS), containing structured EHR data on all COVID-19-tested patients from the five UC medical centers (UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco). In addition to containing patient demographics, past medical history, and all resulting labs (including the COVID-19 test result), the system includes many flowsheet elements focused on critical care and ventilator settings in the ICU. The data set is made available to any UC researcher with an applicable hypothesis, as judged by a local prioritization committee at each UC site. The system represents data using the OMOP Common Data Model version 5.3.1.

For more information, visits the UC CORDS website, and see more information about the COVID Research Data Set.

Last updated
November 14, 2023