Services by Category

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The Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) Program gives broad access to professional biostatistical support to ensure high-quality research.  ►Contact BERD 

Data analytics and biostatistical support:

Biostatistical Collaboration

  • Data analysis consultation
  • Epidemiological expertise
  • Survey research and practice
  • Survival analysis and adaptive clinical trials
  • Clinical-data management consulting
  • Methodologies for community-based studies

Data Management

  • Pros and cons of data management options
  • REDCap

Grant Preparation

  • Study design and power analysis
  • Data analysis protocols
  • Career development (K series) applications

Computational Biology (Omics Data Analysis)

  • Microarray data analysis
  • Sequencing analysis (mRNA, miRNA, DNA, methylation)
  • Proteomics (mass-spec, Luminex)

Educational Programs

The Biomedical Informatics Program (BIP) helps people to use contemporary computational methods on data to improve healthcare.  ►Contact BIP

Patient counts: 

  • Nationwide clinical data enables investigators and trainees at CTSA hubs to conduct EHR-based research on any disease or condition across the network of over 142M patients (ENACT)
  • Los Angeles-based major health providers' clinical data from UCLA, Cedars-Sinai, USC and City of Hope - LADR Los Angeles Data Repository (LADR)
  • UCLA clinical data - Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside (i2b2)

Medical record datasets:

  • UCLA’s Integrated Clinical and Research Data Repository (xDR) contains data from UCLA’s CareConnect (Epic) EHR, linked with legacy systems

Data releases

Clinical research centers

UCLA CTSI partners, Cedars-Sinai, CDU, Lundquist/Harbor-UCLA, and UCLA, each have a Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) which offers a spectrum of clinical research services and facilities. The four sites have a synchronized IRB approval process and encompass the CTSI Participant and Clinical Interactions Program (PCI).  ►Contact the sites

The Grants Submission Unit (GSU) supports grant applications. Services can include administrative and project management, editorial review, letters of support, templates, guidelines, and more. GSU also provides Training Grant support services.  
►Contact GSU   ►T32 support services 

Integrating Special Populations Program (ISP) unites outstanding academic leaders and experts with community partners to improve the health of special populations.  ►Contact ISP

Special Populations consult services, including:

  • Internal Pre-Submission Grant Reviews - Approximately 4-6 weeks before submission deadlines, our experienced faculty offer: 
    • Independent review of PCORI, NIH U01, K- or R-level grant proposals

    • In-person feedback in a mock study section

    • Written and oral critiques plus suggestions for improving the grant

    • See FAQs on grant review services

  • Career Consultations - An interdisciplinary team of senior faculty members provide one-time, or ongoing career advice. Interested faculty submit a CV and responses to key questions about their career trajectories.
  • Project-Specific Consultations - Senior faculty provide concrete, one-time project-specific advice

Special Populations initiatives:

  • Value-Based Care Research Consortium

  • Latinx Health Initiative

  • Patient Portal Work Group

Network Resources provides infrastructure for participation in national collaborations and contributes to the transformation of the conduct of multisite clinical trials.  ►Trial Innovation Network (multi-site trials)    ►Recruitment Unit    ►Clinical Research Acceleration Unit (CRAU)

The Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program (Pilot) administers community-partnered catalyst and team science RFAs and core vouchers to drive impactful and novel CTSI-supported investigation.  ►Contact Pilot

Population health

The Population Health Program builds the capability of scientists, health care and public health systems to integrate research and clinical care to solve population health problems.  ►Contact Population Health

  • Dissemination, Implementation and Improvement Science Program (DII)
    DII science can bring health innovations to practice through the development of evidence-based strategies that facilitate quality improvement, organizational change within health systems, and policy implementation
  • Career Studios and Mentoring
    “Career studios” and mentoring is offered to population-focused clinician scientists in UCLA Health and the LA County Health Agency who will use novel methods but are not in traditional K and R career pathways

Precision health

The Precision Health Program is enrolling underrepresented populations into the UCLA Precision Health Biobank and developing educational materials and recommendations for disclosure of genetic results.  ►Contact Precision Health

Select from available Precision Health Program services. These include: 

  • Request Sample and Data
  • Innovation at UCLA Health
  • Data and Biosample Resources
  • Publications and Guidelines
  • Funding Opportunities

Regulatory support

The Regulatory Knowledge and Support Program provides investigators with expert regulatory guidance and advice to facilitate clinical and translational research in conformance with Institutional Review Board policies, state laws and federal regulations.  ►Contact Regulatory

  • Coordination Services & Education (CSE) and Study Activation
    Dedicated teams can assist with the regulatory, financial and compliance-related components of clinical research during study activation, conduct and closeout of a clinical trial--and provide study team training and education.
  • CTSI Office of Regulatory Affairs
    Assists with Data and Safety Monitoring Board, internal monitoring and auditing, prep for FDA/sponsor inspection, guidance on registration and results reporting, and scientific review
  • Consults on Research Ethics
    Confidential consults in research ethics to all members of research teams on study design, execution, reporting and more.

Team science

The Team Science Program develops tools to improve, assess and evaluate the capacity of interdisciplinary and translational science teams to combine team members’ expertise effectively.  ►Contact Team Science

Team Science Consultations

Get expert guidance on the below areas to enhance your team:

  • Forming and launching a new team
  • Managing conflict
  • Developing and aligning goals
  • Improving team communication
  • Leadership coaching
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Enhancing team project management

Prepare for a service

Please review the below instructions prior to submitting your request from our service providers. 


To assist our providers, please anticipate having the below information (required fields) available when submitting your request for services.

  • PI First and Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Submitter First and Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Administering Department
  • Project Title/Name


  • Study Category (clinical trial; social/behavioral; Native American; diversity, equity, and inclusion; health disparities, pediatrics, opioids, HIV/AIDS, COVID, other)
  • Whether or not there is a human subject or animal subject protocol for the project
  • Current version of your protocol(s) for uploading
  • Whether or not this study is part of a multisite study/trial
  • Funding source for the project (if funded)


Our research facilitators at each CTSI partner site can help you.

Cite the CTSI grant

Investigators are required to cite our grant in all publications that result from any support received from us, including the use of our services (such as biostatistics, biomedical informatics, clinical trials resources, etc.) or resources (such as our Clinical and Translational Research Centers) or direct funding (such as pilot grant awards)In addition, the NIH requires investigators to comply with NIH Public Access policy by ensuring that their articles are available in PubMed Central. We offer assistance with this process.

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