NIH requirements

Resource Sharing Plan Guidelines

Effective Jan. 25, 2023, the Resource Sharing Plan will only be necessary if your project will be sharing model organisms. Any data (including genomic data) will be discussed in the new Data Management Sharing Plan (DMSP). Please see the menu at left for more information on the DMSP.

The Sharing Model Organisms section should detail plans for sharing and distributing model organisms, or provide an explanation of why sharing is restricted or not possible. Models may include mammalian, non-mammalian, and genetically modified or mutant organisms (GMOs); do not include human models (cell lines). Model organisms that will be patented must still be made reasonably available and accessible. Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) are typically the accepted way to share model organisms with other researchers/institutions and are managed by the UCLA Technology Development Group.

Unless otherwise specified in the FOA, multi-component grants can include one combined Resource Sharing Plan for the overall component and one for each individual component.

Page Limit: None, but one page is standard and descriptions should be brief.