NIH requirements

Facilities & Other Resources Guidelines

The Facilities & Other Resources (aka. "Resources") section summarizes the overall scientific environment, institutional resources, and commitments relevant to the effective implementation of a project. Applicants should describe how the proposed project will use the facilities and resources available. They should also document how the study as a whole will benefit from laboratories, patient populations, and collaborations. Applicants should consider using a table of contents for the Facilities and Resources document if it is particularly lengthy.

Typically, this document would include categories such as Scientific Environment, Clinics, Laboratories, Animal, Other, Office, and Computers.

If there are multiple study sites, applicants should describe the resources at each. All resources listed must be relevant to the proposed project. Refer to the FOA for specific rules, since they might vary from FOA to FOA.

For Early Stage Investigators (ESIs): ESIs should also consider adding details regarding institutional investment in their success, and logistical and financial support.

Page Limit: None.