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Training Grant Instruction Changes

More details have been released for NRSA Training Grants submitted on or after January 25th, 2025. A brief overview is provided below including new guidance on data tables, Recruitment Plan to Enhance Diversity, Training expectations for Mentors, and Review Criteria.

Data Tables

  • Lettering. Consistent lettering for training stages (A = pre-docs, B = post-docs, C = short-term, D = undergraduate, I = international)
  • Data Table 1 & Table 2. Data only required for the training stage(s) reflected in the proposed program (i.e. pre-doc only programs will omit Part II)
  • Data Table 2 & Table 4. Optional Part II for multi-organizational programs to allow more clear delineation of mentors from each org
  • Data Table 5. 
    • Rows will start with name of trainees (renewal) or recent graduates (new applications), rather than the mentor
    • Interim research products (i.e. preprints) allowed to be cited under specific circumstances
  • Data Table 6. 
    • Incorporate “Percent from Underrepresented Groups” into Part I
    • Remove Part II. Characteristics including:
      • Pre-docs: Mean Months of Prior, Full-Time Research Experience (range), Prior Institutions, and Mean GPA (range) 
      • Post-docs: Mean Number of Publications (range), Mean Number of First-Author Publications (range), Prior Institutions 
  • Data Table 8. Remove Part II, “Those Clearly Associated with the Training Grant”

Recruitment Plan to Enhance Diversity

  • Removed from Program Plan as a separate 3 page max document (not part of the Program Plan’s 25-page limit)

Training Expectations for Mentors

  • Formal and ongoing mentor training and periodic refreshers required for all mentors
  • Suggested topics: 
    • Aligning expectations
    • Maintaining effective communication
    • Fostering independence
    • Assessing scholars’ understanding of scientific research
    • Enhancing professional development
    • Addressing equity and inclusion
    • Articulating your mentoring philosophy and plan
  • Program Faculty section must describe how: 
    • Mentors are trained on evidence-informed practices promoting development for trainees from all backgrounds
    • Mentoring will be monitored

Review Criteria Changes

  • Questions to evaluate mentor training expectations added
  • New sections that will contribute to the overall impact score:
    • Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research
    • Recruitment Plan to Enhance Diversity

For more details, please review NOT-OD-24-129 and the NIH’s webpage on Updates to NIH Institutional Training Grant Applications with related FAQs. 

Final notices are expected to be published by the NIH in late summer (Data Tables) and early fall (Parent T32 NOFO), at which time the CTSI's Data Table Guidance webpages will be updated to interpret the new instructions. 

Please contact Kelly Lozo at with questions or to discuss how these changes may impact your planned 2025 application.