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Community Engagement

Community Engagement and Research Program (CERP)

Community Partnered Research "How To" Series

"How To" documents are designed to help inform and guide community partners on a range of clinical research topics. Click on the links and thumbnails below to view and download the documents. 

How to Design a Memorandum of Understanding  
Provides directions on designing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) which is a written agreement (not a contract) between two or more parties meant to support the collaborative partnership. An MOU offers a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the collaborative partners’ roles and expectations to assure fairness and mutually satisfactory outcomes. 

How to Pretest a Survey Questionnaire  
Provides directions on how to conduct pretesting of survey questionnaires for research, outlines the advantages and disadvantages of different pretesting methods, and describes the pretesting process used by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Care Connections Program. 

How to Translate Research Documents for Non-English Speaking Participants 
Presents basic information on how to translate research documents into languages other than English. It also highlights different translation approaches, translation methods, and important considerations. 

How to Design a Partnered Consent Form 
Provides a guide to develop a community partnered research consent form which reflects the views of community members, while still meeting requirements for IRB approval. 

How to Include Community Partners in Data Collection 
Describes the process used by the Healthy Community Neighborhood Initiative research project to incorporate staff from community partners in data collection to increase trust and success of the project.


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