Special populations, including children, older adults, vulnerable groups affected by health disparities and under-represented groups are prioritized because of their poor health status in Los Angeles County and nationwide. The inclusion of special populations has profound implications for society and is within the purview of the emerging science of health and disease evolution over the life course. To facilitate inclusive research, the Integrating Special Populations Program (ISP) unites outstanding academic leadership and expertise with 14 community partners with exceptional breadth, experience and dedication to the health of special populations. Our initiatives include the Value-Based Care Research Consortium, the Patient Portal Research Group, and the Latinx Health Initiative.

Services & Tools

Services and consults
Internal pre-submission grant reviews, career consults and project-specific consults

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CTSI initiatives
Includes the Value-Based Care Research Consortium, Latinx Health Initiative and Patient Portal Work Group

Program Aim

Integrate special populations into the research enterprise of the UCLA CTSI.

  • Enhance our special populations consultation service
  • Foster and support research collaborations involving special populations.
  • Provide research platforms to facilitate research in special populations.

Contact Us

Nathalie Vizueta, PhD
Program Manager, Integrating Special Populations
(310) 794-2744

Miguel Cuevas
Assistant to Dr. Sarkisian

Carmen Reyes
Director of Community Outreach and Relations

ISP Leadership

ISP Key Personnel

Reyes, Carmen

Carmen Reyes

Integrating Special Populations Program Director of Community Outreach & Relations