The Herb Albert School of Music at UCLA celebrates individuality, diversity and community; reaffirms empathy, justice and participation; and fosters safe spaces for important dialogue, creativity and critical thought. The School aims to create a community of students and faculty that accurately reflects the composition of our city and country and a curriculum that showcases and examines divergent views.

The school has launched a speaker series called Still Waiting, that invites the public to join UCLA students in conversation with prominent figures invited by the school’s Anti-Racism Anti-Discrimination Committee (ARAD) to help understand ourselves and our response to this deeply hurtful moment in our nation’s racial reckoning.

ARAD is a non-hierarchical group of students, staff, and faculty members committed to changing the atmosphere of the Bruin community by addressing issues of bias, marginalization and discrimination toward black, Indigenous and people of color and other intersectional communities.

For more information, please visit the School of Music EDI webpage.

Last updated
November 16, 2023