Increasing the diversity of faculty, staff, and student body is an important and immediate goal, not only because it is critically urgent for reasons of social justice, but also because a broader pool of talent will foster greater scientific accomplishments that will benefit our society. The College recognizes that continued violence from police and others targeted to members of the African American community has highlighted deep structural faults, including systemic racism in our society, and we accept responsibility for taking a stronger and more public stand against racism.

Science and technology are among the most privileged and influential sectors of our economy, and the seriously deficient representation of African Americans in these fields is simply unacceptable. Furthermore, it is obvious that not only African Americans suffer from discrimination, but also women, people of color, and people from diverse cultures. The College recognizes that as commitments are made to increase diversity in all dimensions, the focus must still be on immediate improvement in the participation of African Americans and Indigenous people.

For more information, please visit the College of Physical Sciences EDI webpage.

Last updated
November 16, 2023